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Bram Antareja on Drag #1
The expression a person gay that was good // Greetings from Yogyakarta Indonesia //

badala on Cannon Beach, Oregon

Pedro Lírio on Cannon Beach, Oregon
stunnig, very beautiful!

Mike Raffan on Drag #1

William on Drag #1

Images by KC Photography on Drag #1
I wish my legs looked that great! LOL

Trent Jones on Delicate #2
Hey Lisa, You have some very good photos here. I especially liked Skateboard images #32 and #29, the photo of Canon ...

Fawne on May Day #2
I love it! Beautiful.

William on May Day Rally #1
Very Mexican, hat, colors, subject

Evie on May Day Rally #1
Great portrait. Love those colors.

Dimitrios on May Day Rally #1
lovely shot, ok ok we know that you come from Mexico! ha ha

William on #3
A couple great skate shots.

Brittney on Hand plant
Very cool!

Jerry on Hand plant
Lisa! Phenomenal capture - great timing! Awesome image!!!

Craig on Hand plant
Good timing!

Evi on Roar 2!
It's lovely! Adorable :-)

Rahul on Socialist
Very nice B/W portrait, sharp and good contrast. :) I like it.

Fawne on Delicate #2
I love this shot and the earlier one - so beautiful!

Fawne on Socialist
Very nice - I love b & w. Fawne

Widhi on Socialist
nice b & w picture

amy on Socialist
Great candid!! And even though this is of today... it has that '60's feel to it too. ;-) (guess I'm ...

Jerry on Flying
SUPER capture Lisa! You have a knack for excellent timing!!! :-))

William on Pro Life
Enjoy, it is fun!

Inès on Pug
Very funny dog !!!!

Kheoh Yee Wei on Pro Life
yeah! use it at fullness ! Great shot

Johnny Soedomo on Delicate #2
This is only by coincidence... I have a similar shot :) The ...

Jen on Delicate #2
Absolutely beautiful macro!

Jen on Delicate

Yukie on Delicate #2
Great DoF! lovely shot!

Sujit on Delicate #2
Marvelous. Can feel the softness of it.

Daniel on Delicate
Gorgeous image, Lisa -- this is quite a stunner.

Dornbrau on Delicate
Excellent. Wonderful clarity and contrast.

Tony on Delicate
i like...very sharp

badala on Delicate
Now that is a macro! Great work.

Sujit on Delicate
Fantastic macro.

Scene by Sharon Photography on Delicate
wonderful macro - I know how difficult it is to capture a shot like this - good for you!

Sriram on Delicate
Lisa, stunner of a macro this one! Great details and brilliant work!

jamsheed on St John's Skate Park #5
super shot!!...nice timing!!!!

Douglas D on St John's Skate Park #5
wow i like this one alot thanx you make me look a lot better than i really am

Rui Borges on St John's Skate Park #5
Great work!

Christian on St John's Skate Park #5
Très belle photo d'action,superbe!

Fawne on Burnside Skate Park #1
Great shot - so simple and candid!

Fawne on St John's Skate Park #3
WOW great shot!

Fawne on St John's Skate Park #5

Rahul on St John's Skate Park #5
I love this shot Lisa, the high shutter really froze him in action. Great capture and sure nice timing. ;-)

William on St John's Skate Park #5
Another great skate shot! And yes, the zoo shots are with that lens. I am loving it! Too bad it goes back in the ...

AlainBadoual on St John's Skate Park #5
Nice shot Lisa!

Zing on Roar!!!
Great timing, very cute!

Art Monkey on St John's Skate Park #4
very nice capture

amy on St John's Skate Park #4
Monumental capture!!! Spectacularly perfect.

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